SI 02310.047 IRS Alert Development - Limited Development

See Replacement Alerts - 5B and 5H at MI Central. Select RZ/LI SSN Query, enter the SSN(s), and check the IRS query.

A. Policy

1. Transaction excluded or does not belong to the individual

If the SSR or the FO's files/records clearly indicate that a particular transaction on the IRS alert has been developed previously and the transaction does not belong to the recipient (or deemor) or represents excluded income or resources, no further development (i.e., recipient contact) is necessary.

2. Income transactions

Development of income transactions is not necessary if the income is already verified and properly posted to the SSR.

3. Liquid resource transactions

Where the SSR or FO records/files indicate previous development of a particular liquid resource transaction, development of that transaction is not necessary if:

  • The recipient was determined to be prospectively eligible for SSI at the time the determination of the resource value was made; and

  • The information on the alert is not discrepant with data on the SSR or in the FO files/records.

NOTE: Always apply Access to Financial Institutions (AFI) procedures when a resource related diary is present on a redetermination or limited issue. See SI 01140.206 for electronic bank verification procedures.

4. Nonliquid resource transactions

If the transaction pertains to a nonliquid resource (e.g, a life insurance policy), develop the value according to SI 01110.310D.

B. Procedure

See SI 02310.007A.2. for documentation requirements.

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