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SI 02310.065 Unemployment Compensation Match (U5 Diary)

A. Background

For several years, SSA conducted a direct match with States and D.C. to obtain wage and UC data. Not all States participated in this match. Beginning in 1998, SSA started a new matching operation for wage and UC information — a match with information collected by OCSE.

OCSE collects wage and UC information from the States and D.C. and many Federal agencies for “parent-locator” purposes. SSA matches the wage and UC information against the SSR. This is a significant improvement over the old wage and UC matches because (a) SSA receives information from all States and D.C. and many Federal agencies; (b) this requires just one computer matching agreement for SSA, instead of a separate agreement with each State and D.C.; and (c) SSA matches the SSR against the wage and UC data every quarter, rather than every 6 months. The OCSE match replaced the old wage and UC matches; once the OCSE match went into place, the direct matching arrangements with the States and D.C. ended.

B. Description of the OCSE Match

The UC data obtained from OCSE are electronically compared to the type SC or SU unearned income amounts on the SSR, for SSI recipients and deemors in all the States and D.C. When the comparison shows significant unreported or underreported income, alerts are generated to FOs and diaries are posted to the SSR for FOs to resolve discrepancies, update the SSR, determine past and continuing SSI eligibility, and pursue overpayment recovery.

The UC data obtained from OCSE is the UC paid for the calendar quarter. Only a quarterly amount is available from the OCSE database. That quarterly amount is compared to the total of type SC or SU unearned income for the calendar quarter.

W hen Was the UC Paid?

When is the UC posted
to the OCSE database?

When are the alerts
issued to the FOs?

January through March


end of June

April through June


end of September

July though September


end of December

October through December


end of March

C. Description of Alert

The alert/diary from the OCSE match, as under the old match, is designated as “U5”. Generally, an alert will only have one quarters’ data. However, it is possible for an alert to have 2 quarters' data if the information is posted to the OCSE database too late.

1. System Generates “U5” Alert

The system generates a “U5” alert, controlled by PE ODS, when:

  • A UC record is detected for a recipient, deemor, or essential person; and

  • The UC benefit amount on the State record exceeds the type SC or SU unearned income amount on the SSR for a quarter.

2. Diary is Suppressed

The diary is suppressed if:

  • The SSR already has a “U5” diary (in which case a new diary is not set, but a paper alert with updated information is sent);

  • The UC income is for a period prior to eligibility; or

  • The UC income is for a deemor and the State UC data exceeds the type SC or SU income on the SSR by less than $1,050 per quarter (under the old match, the tolerance was $350 per month);

  • The recipient or deemor is currently in pay status other than C01 or M01 or M02 or E01, or was in a pay status other than C01 or M01 or MO2 or E01 in all months of the quarter;

  • The UC income is for a deemor and the SSR shows that the deemor received assistance based on need (ABON) for any month of the quarter.

3. Replace Lost Alerts

FOs can replace lost alerts via their Regional Offices.

4. Alert Description

The alert will be shown as follows:



FO    HUN      SURNAME      PAN          NAME      TYPE    STC

441  000-00-0000   SMITH  000-00-0000    SMITH,B.     XF     10

$1050.00   QTR/YR=41998





a. Heading

A heading which reads:


  • The run date.

NOTE: If the OCSE database did not include a surname for the person, the alert will have at the top the statement “NOTICE: THIS ALERT WAS GENERATED WITHOUT A SURNAME MATCH.”

b. Third Line

The third line of the alert shows:

  • The FO code;

  • The housed-under number;

  • The recipient's surname;

  • SSN of the recipient;

  • The recipient's name on the State/D.C. record (surname and initial);

  • The type of person (SM 01601.430);

  • The code for the State/D.C. that made the unemployment compensation payment.

c. Following Line

The following line shows the quarter and year, and the quarterly unemployment payment made. The first position of the “quarter” code indicates the calendar quarter of the wage report:

  1. = January through March;

  2. = April through June;

  3. = July through September; and

  4. = October through December.

The last four positions of the “quarter” code show the century and year of the earnings.

D. Procedure - No Development/Limited Development/Full Development

1. When Development Is Not Required

You are not required to do any development for a UC alert if the income reported on the alert could not affect SSI eligibility or payment. You may delete the alert without making any contact to verify the amount of income or when it was received. In this case, do not transmit the income to the SSR.

An example of this is when the income is for an ineligible parent, but the deeming allocations for ineligible children in the household would mean there could not be deemed income to the eligible child.

2. When You Can Do Limited Development

See SI 02310.007A. for rules for Limited Development.

3. When You Must Do Full Development

If the criteria for “NO DEVELOPMENT” and “LIMITED DEVELOPMENT” do not apply, you must follow the instructions in SI 02310.007B. for FULL DEVELOPMENT.

E. Procedure - Coordination With Other Work

Coordinate UC match development with scheduled FO redeterminations or other pending posteligibility activity (e.g., other interface alerts, continuing disability review, representative payee accounting).

F. Procedure - Clearance

1. Developing and Verifying Receipt of UC Payments

See SI 00830.230 for instructions for developing and verifying receipt of UC payments.

2. Clear the Diary

a. Documentation-MSSICS

Individual has unemployment compensation income - Document the income development on the IUEM screen (MSOM MSSICS 015.016).

b. Documentation-Non-MSSICS

Individual has unemployment compensation income - See SI 00830.230

3. Diary Clearance Input


Complete the DUEM screen as a ppropriate. For directions on completing the screen, see MSOM MSSICS 022.017.


Delete the diary via the Update Diary (UDIA) screen in the Direct SSR Update process.

G. References

SI 02310.005C.5., Administrative finality

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