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SI 02901.520 Financial Accountability Statement - Form SSA-8700

A. Description of Process

1. Financial Accountability

Social Security Administration (SSA) will submit an electronic (PDF) copy of the Financial Accountability Statement, Form SSA-8700, to each State administering a supplementary payments program around the fifteenth workday after the close of each month. The Statement indicates the balance of State cash in the SSA Deposit Fund at month's end and provides information pertaining to SSI disbursements to State recipients.

2. Accounting Method

SSA gives monthly case-by-case accounting data for the amounts reported as Automated Payments, Overpayments Withheld, One-Time Payments, Emergency Payments, Cancelled Checks, Cash Refunds, Posteligibility Adjustments, Unnegotiated Checks, and Double Check Negotiations.

Direct questions or problems concerning the monthly statement to the Regional ARC, MOS or designee.

B. Operating Policies

1. SSA-8700 Line Items

a. Status of State Cash - Section A

Line A 1. Cash on Hand Beginning of Period

The total amount of State cash on hand at the beginning of the report period including all of the State funds on deposit.

Line A 2. State Receipts

The total amount of all State funds received during the reporting period.

Line A 3. Adjustments

Any adjustments to the cash account not reflected in line 5 below. Included are adjustments from settlements negotiated between the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration and the State or resulting from decisions rendered on State appeals in accordance with the provisions of the disputes clause of the State Supplementation Agreement. Appropriate references are made in the “Remarks” section to cite the basis for these adjustments.

Line A 4. Funds Available

The sum of lines 1, 2, and 3.

Line A 5. Net Disbursements

The State's net fiscal liability for cash disbursements during the reporting period for State supplementation payments made to State recipients. Included in this figure is the State's share of credits resulting from cancelled checks and recoupments. State liability for net disbursements during the report period is detailed in section C of the report.

Line A 6. Cash on Hand End of Period

Line 4 minus line 5. The cash balance at the end of the period will be reflected as the opening cash balance on line A.1. of the report for the following month.

b. Net Federal Disbursements - Section B

The net dollar amount of basic Federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments made to all recipients within the State during the reporting period.

c. Disbursement Summary, Fiscal Year to Date - Section C

Line C 1. Automated Payments

Consists of automated forced payments, one-time payments, and system calculated payments. System calculated payments represent amounts due recipients before deductions for advanced payments or before Federal and State amounts withheld for prior overpayments.

Line C 2. One-Time Payments

The total amount of manual one-time payments made in the reporting period.

Line C 3. Emergency Payments

The total Federal amount of emergency advanced payments and immediate payments made to recipients for the reporting period less payments collected from recipients for the period.

Line C 4. Posteligibility Charges

The net undercharges paid and debited in the reporting period. Posteligibility adjustments represent corrections to previous payment distributions because of processing a posteligibility action. A posteligibility action can result in a paper transfer which is a redistribution of funds between a Federal and a State account or between State accounts. Since charges and credits between accounts in such cases are always equal, the net result is always “zero.” Other posteligibility adjustment actions can result in an underpayment being due to the recipient. These payment distributions are reported in line C.1 above.

Line C 5. Double Check Negotiations

The total amount of current and prior fiscal year double check negotiations resulting during the reporting period.

When the Treasury Department is notified by the field that a recipient did not receive a regular automated payment, the Treasury Department issues a substitute check. A double check negotiation occurs when both checks are cashed.

Line C 6. Unnegotiated Check Charges

The value of unnegotiated checks outstanding for 180 days or more which have now been cashed or returned to Treasury.

Line C 7. Other Charges

This item is reserved for special or infrequent charges. Entries on this line are explained in the “Remarks” section.

Line C 8. Overpayments Withheld

The total amounts of overpayments collected by withholding from the recipients' payments during the reporting period.

Line C 9. Cancelled Checks

The value of returned checks and direct deposit refunds received during the reporting period.

Line C 10. Cash Refunds

The value of payments refunded during the reporting period.

Line C 11. Posteligibility Credits

The net overcharges recovered and credited in the reporting period. (See line C.4. for an explanation of posteligibility transactions.)

Line C 12. Unnegotiated Check Credits

The value of 180 day or older unnegotiated checks credited during the reporting period.

Line C 13. Windfall Offsets

The reduction in retroactive title II benefits equal to the amount of SSI payments a person would not have received had title II benefits been paid on time.

Line C 14. Advance Withheld Credits

This represents repayment of an emergency advance payment.

Line C 15. Other Credits

This item is reserved for special or infrequent credits. Entries on this line are explained in the “Remarks” section.

Line C 16. Attorney Assessments Withheld Credit

This represents reductions of attorney user fees (assessments to attorneys who receive their fees via direct payment from SSA).

Line C 17. Cross Program Recoveries

This represents collection of SSI overpayments from monthly Title II benefits.

d. Net Disbursements - Section D

Represents total charges for the period less total credits for the period.

e. Remarks - Section E

This space is used to explain any preceding line-item entries including the basis for adjustment entries in line A.3.

2. Information from State

  1. a. 

    The State should identify the names, titles, and addresses of the State officials to whom the monthly Financial Accountability Statement (SSA-8700) should be directed.

  2. b. 

    The State should submit a revised listing to the ARC, Programs whenever there is a change in the designees. In addition, a copy of the revised listing should be sent to:

    Social Security Administration

    Office of Income Security Programs

    Attn: Office of SSI and Program Integrity Policy

    2513B Robert M. Ball Building

    6401 Security Boulevard

    Baltimore, Maryland 21235-6401

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