SI 02901.720 Glossary of Terms

A. Introduction

This glossary of terms is in alphabetical sequence.

B. Definitions

Accounting Month- that period during which the accounting for a given month takes place (e.g., July 1988 FAX accounting month is June 17 through July 22, 1988).

Alien codes- see Immigration R &S

             see Reimbursable aliens

Automated One-Time Payments- When an underpayment is identified and cannot be computed by the system, an input is made so that a check can be issued by the system.

Automated Payment (case record)- Net cash amount paid after deductions for advance payments or amounts withheld for prior overpayments. May also be amounts for prior period underpayments (fields 20-25, reference SI 02901.755)

Automated Payment (Trailer)- The total of net cash amounts paid to recipients of the identified States, including

  • Forced Payments

  • Automated One-Time Payments

  • System Calculated Payments and

  • Underpayments

Cash Refunds- Federal and/or State monies deposited and credited to an individual's SSI record.

Double-check negotiation (DCN)- When recipient alleges nonreceipt and is issued a replacement check, then cashes both checks.

Emergency Advance Payment- direct, expedited payment to individual who is

  • initially applying (not yet paid) and

  • presumptively or proven eligible for the month and

  • suffering a financial emergency requiring expedited payment.

Forced Payment- When a system limitation will not allow a record to be computed and paid, a manual computation is made and the result is input to “force” the system to create a payment. Monthly forced payments are “regular” payments. Daily forced payments are “underpayments.”

Form SSA-8700- Financial Accountability Statement

Immigration R and S aliens- Those aliens achieving legal temporary resident status (code R in position 40 of individual case record) or legal permanent resident status (code S). (Immigration Reform Act of 1986.)

Manual One-Time Payment (MOTP)- check issued “outside the system” because of system limitations.

Multi-State Windfall Offset- When more than one State is involved in the offset, FAX cannot compute the credits to the (2 or more) States. A manual computation gives the States credit via addendum sheets.

OCFO- Office of Chief Financial Officer

OSSI- Office of Supplemental Security Income

Overcharges Recovered (Federal and State)- The difference between the net effect on State liability and the net effect on Federal liability - may be credit or debit.

See also     Undercharges Paid

             Postentitlement Adjustment

Overpayment Credit- Amount withheld from a check issued in the reporting month.

Postentitlement Adjustment- Changes to previous payment distributions resulting from PE action. May be paper transfer only; may result in underpayment being due; may result in identifying an overpayment.

See also     Overcharges Recovered

             Undercharges Paid

Reimbursable Aliens- those F, I, and L aliens eligible for 100% Federal reimbursement for 31 months from Date of Entry (positions 36-40 of individual case record - MMYY +code)

Returned Checks/Direct Deposit Refunds- those checks returned uncashed and credited to recipient's record. Also Direct Deposit Refunds returned by a bank and credited to recipient's record.

Stop Payment Action- an action, between the issuance of a check and its cashing, to stop the payment (although it may be cashed).

Undercharges Paid- used in conjunction with “Overcharges Recovered” - usually involves only paper transfers and offsets. May be credit or debit.

See also     Overcharges Recovered

             Postentitlement Adjustment

Unnegotiated Checks- check remaining uncashed/outstanding for 180 days after issue (credit to the State). May be subsequently cashed or returned (debit to the State).

Windfall Offset- the reduction in retroactive Title II benefits equal to the amount of SSI payments a recipient would not have received had Title II been paid on time.

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