SI 02901.740 The External Label

A. Introduction

You need to be able to identify the FAX tapes.

B. Exhibit

Here is what the external label looks like.

1BLKSZ= 7,430 LRECL=      743  01 OF  01 4B9
3TRK=9 DEN=1600 LABEL=01  VOL IS 888774
4RECFM=FB BLKCT= 4,914  SYSTEM=72  88063
6021988 ZWFXMTLY      07.31.30 SSA   PURE

C. Description

Each of the 6 lines is described here.

1Block size (7430); Logical record length = (743); number and order of tape reels in shipment (01 of 01); tape unit (4B9).
2Systems-generated identification (ZWMSTFAX.); State code (05).
3Number of tracks (9); recording density (1600); label (01 = standard); volume serial number (888774).
4Record format (fixed block); block count (number of blocks in this reel - 4914); System is SSA's system identification; Julian date the tape was run (88063 = March 3, 1988)
505 California (identity of State whose tape file this is); February FAX (identity of month)
6Calendar date of last production run used in this month's data; production acronym; time of run expressed in hours, minutes, seconds; in-house acronym

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