SI 02901.745 Parts of the FAX Tape File

A. Introduction

This section shows the parts of the FAX tape file.

B. Exhibit

This is what the file looks like.


C. Description

This chart identifies each part, its function, and the related reference.

Key: The #is the number in the exhibit above.

1HeaderIdentifies the State and tape fileSI 02901.750
2Individual Case
• Identifies the individual  
  • Provides accounting information    for that recipientSI 02901.755
3Trailer (3)Provides the State summary information for:  
  • the entire fileSI 02901.760
  • Reimbursable aliensSI 02901.720
  • Immigration R and S recipientsSI 02901.720

D. References

Glossary of Terms, SI 02901.720

Parts of the Header Record, SI 02901.750

Parts of the Individual Case Record, SI 02901.755

Parts of the Trailer Record, SI 02901.760

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