SI 02901.760 Parts of the Trailer Record

A. Introduction

The trailer record is summary data and is comprised of 52 discrete fields. The chart below provides the information you require in order to use the FAX data.

NOTE: There are 3 trailer records:

  • the first contains all - inclusive totals

  • the second, reimbursable alien totals

  • the third, Immigration R and S alien totals.

B. Exhibit

FieldField PositionField TypePartDescription or Reference
11ARecord ID code: constant “T”Constant T
identifies this record as trailer
22-4ATape file ID code: constant “FAX”The constant FAX identifies the file
35-6NState codeAssigned by SSA to identify the State's data
47-12NDate of File CreationFormat: MMDDYY

Automated Payments

513-16NPayment Reporting Month and YearFormat: MMYY
617-26SNNumber of RecipientsTotal Number of Recipients
727-38SNNumber of Checks IssuedNumber of Automated Payment Checks Issued
839-50SNFederal amount PaidSI 02901.720
951-62SNState amount Paid 
1063-74SNFederal amount Withheld 

Unnegotiated Checks

1175-86SNState amount Withheld 
1287-98SNNumber of Unnegotiated ChecksSI 02901.720
1399-110SNFederal amount - Credit 
14111-122SNState amount - Credit 
15123-134SNFederal amount - debit 

Overpayment Credits

16135-146SNState amount - debit 
17147-158SNFederal amount - current FYSI 02901.720
18159-170SNState amount - current FY 
19171-182SNFederal amount - prior FY 

Postentitlement Adjustments

20183-194SNState amount - prior FY 
21195-206SNFederal Over- charges Recovered - CreditSI 02901.720
22207-218SNFederal Over- charges Recovered - Debit 
23219-230SNFederal Under- charges Paid - Credit 
24231-242SNFederal Under- charges Paid - Debit 
25243-254SNState Overcharges Recovered - Credit 
26255-266SNState Overcharges Recovered - Debit 
27267-278SNState Undercharges Paid - Credit 

Double-Check Negotiations

28279-290SNState Undercharges Paid - Debit 
29291-302SNFederal Amount - current FYSI 02901.720
30303-314SNState amount - current FY 
31315-326SNFederal amount - Prior FY 

Returned Checks/Direct Deposit Refunds

32327-338SNState amount - Prior FY 
33339-350SNNumber of RC/DDR - current FYSI 02901.720
34351-362SNFederal amount - current FY 
35363-374SNState amount - current FY 
36375-386SNNumber of RC/DDR-prior FY 
37387-398SNFederal amount - prior FY 

Emergency Advance Payments

38399-410SNState amount - prior FY 
39411-422SNFederal amount PaidSI 02901.720
40423-434SNState amount Paid 
41435-446SNFederal amount Withheld 

Cash Refunds

42447-458SNState amount Withheld 
43459-470SNFederal amount - current FYSI 02901.720
44471-482SNState amount - current FY 
45483-494SNFederal amount prior FY 

Manual One-Time Payments

46495-506SNState amount - prior FY 
47507-518SNNumber of MOTPsSI 02901.720
48519-530SNFederal Amount 

Windfall Offset

49531-542SNState Amount 
50543-554SNFederal AmountSI 02901.720
51555-566SNState Amount 

C. References

Glossary of Terms, SI 02901.720

Parts of the Individual Case Record, SI 02901.755

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