SI SEA04050.040 Effectuating Court Decisions - General

See SI 04050.040

Field offices in the Seattle Region are responsible for effectuating the title XVI part of concurrent court reversals and title XVI-only court reversals.

Procedures and Control

Shortly after a court issues a reversal order (a favorable decision for the applicant), the U.S. Attorney for the state of jurisdiction sends a copy of the decision to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) in Baltimore. OGC staff reviews the order, then sends a copy to the Litigation Staff in Baltimore. The Litigation Staff reviews the order to determine whether the decision should be appealed. If the Litigation Staff decides that an appeal is not appropriate, the court order is forwarded to the regional litigation coordinator. The coordinator completes a litigation transmittal form, then forwards both the order and the transmittal to the field office so that the order can be effectuated.

Exhibit 1 is the litigation transmittal form that is completed by the regional litigation coordinator and the FO adjudicator. The regional coordinator completes the FO name, FO code and Litigation ID blocks then, attaches the form to the order before sending both to the FO. The FO adjudicator completes the remainder of the form (i.e., dates and amounts of payments and the adjudicator's name), then returns the form to the RO at the address shown on the form.

SSA must effectuate court orders as quickly as possible. SI 04050.040C.2 indicates that the effectuating component must notify the claimant that payment will be delayed if SSA cannot process the decision within 95 days from the date of the court order.

For questions about a court order, please call the regional litigation coordinator, SSI Programs and Systems Team.

Exhibit 1


Field Office: ___________________________FO Code: ______________

Name: _________________________________

SSN: ___________________________________

Tracking Number: _______________________

Date to FO: _____________________________

Date of final notice to the claimant: ______________






Name of adjudicator: ___________________Phone: ________________

Please effectuate the decision as soon as possible. When this form is complete, please return it to:

Social Security Administration

Suite 2900, MS 303A

701 Fifth Avenue

Seattle, WA 98104-7075

Attn: Litigation Coordinator

If you have any questions, please call the regional litigation coordinator, SSI Programs and Systems Team.

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