HI DAL00208.015 Assignment Of Responsibilities

See HI 00208.015

The following clarifies the areas of responsibility of the SSA Regional Office (RO), the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) RO, and the Medicare contractors when field offices or teleservice centers need assistance with Medicare questions or issues.


For questions or issues involving Medicare eligibility, entitlement, or premiums, contact the RSI Branch at (303) 844- 5717


For questions or issues involving benefit coverage, billing of medical services, benefit utilization, reasonable charges, or other Medicare program issues, contact the HCFA Beneficiary Services Branch (BSB) at (214) 767-6401.

C. Medicare contractors

For questions involving status of Part B reimbursement, Explanations of Medicare Benefits (EOMBs), or Physician/Supplier Assignment Rate List (PARL); Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) issues and Common Working File (CWF) problems; or other issues directly related to the contractor's Medicare operations, contact the carrier direct using the toll-free telephone number.

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