HI 00208.055 DO Role in the Public Disclosure of Survey Information

Members of the public have the right to inspect information obtained from surveys of Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers. This includes completed survey forms, statements of deficiencies, plans of correction, comments submitted by the institutions, and State agency revisit report. Survey data is made available for inspection only after it has been reviewed and approved by the HSQ RO.

Each DO, excluding metropolitan branch offices, is required to establish and maintain a file containing the current CMS-2567, Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction, on all providers and suppliers in their service area. The HSQ RO and the Medicaid State agency forward the CMS-2567 to the servicing DO, and an identical copy to the local public assistance offices. When a subsequent CMS-2567 is received from the RO, discard any earlier material concerning the provider's deficiencies and file the new CMS-2567 in place of the old material.

The DO can assume it is authorized to release to the public any material received from the HSQ RO or the Medicaid State agency relating to provider deficiencies. Interested members of the public may inspect the CMS-2567 at either the DO or the public assistance office. Should survey data other than the CMS-2567 be requested, request it from the HSQ RO (or the Medicaid State agency, if this is more practical). The HSQ RO will probably reply directly to the inquirer that the information is available for inspection.

DO's may receive inquiries about facilities located in another DO's service area. Offer to telephone the servicing DO for copies of its file. Do not refer the requester to the other DO unless he prefers to get the information himself.

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