TN 1 (10-22)

HI 00401.255 Rural Health Clinic Services

The term rural health clinic services (when furnished to an individual as an outpatient of a RHC) means:

  1. A. 

    physician services and services and supplies furnished incident to a physician's professional service, of kinds which are commonly furnished in physicians' offices and are commonly either rendered without charge or included in the physicians' bills (including drugs and biologicals which cannot be self-administered as determined in accordance with regulations);

  2. B. 

    services furnished by a physician assistant or by a nurse practitioner and services and supplies furnished as an incident to the services that would otherwise be covered if furnished by a physician or as an incident to a Physician's services; and

  3. C. 

    in the case of a RHC located in an area with a shortage of home health agencies, part-time or intermittent nursing care and related medical supplies (other than drugs and biologicals) furnished by a registered professional nurse or licensed practical nurse to a homebound individual under a written plan or treatment (1) established and periodically reviewed by a physician, or (2) established by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and periodically reviewed and approved by a physician as described in HI 00401.250 B.

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