TN 3 (11-22)

HI 00610.150 Otologic Evaluations

Diagnostic testing performed by a qualified audiologist who is either independently practicing or on the staff of a nonphysician directed clinic is covered as “other diagnostic tests” when a physician orders such testing for the purpose of obtaining additional information for a hearing deficit or a related medical problem. Thus, diagnostic service performed by a qualified audiologist to measure a hearing deficit or to identify the factors responsible for the deficit are covered where such services are necessary to enable the physician to determine whether otologic surgery is indicated. However, where the diagnostic services are performed only to determine the need for, or the appropriate type of, a hearing aid, the services are excluded whether performed by a physician or nonphysician. Reimbursement for covered services may be made to the audiologist (or clinic on the audiologist's behalf) if the audiologist accepts assignment, or to the beneficiary.

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