HI 00610.260 Air Ambulance Service

In some areas, transportation by airplane may qualify as covered ambulance service when:

  1. A. 

    The point of pickup is inaccessible by land vehicle; or

  2. B. 

    Great distances or other obstacles are involved in getting the patient to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities and speedy admission is essential: i.e., in cases where transportation by land ambulance is contraindicated; and

  3. C. 

    All other conditions for coverage in HI 00610.250 are met. The first two conditions could be met in Hawaii, Alaska, and other remote or sparsely populated areas of the continental United States.

Any ambulance service can be covered in the relatively rare instances where the beneficiary's condition and the other circumstances of the case necessitate the use of this transportation. However, where land ambulance service would suffice, payment is based on the amount payable for land ambulance.

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HI 00610.260 - Air Ambulance Service - 09/15/1989
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