HI 00620.000 Exclusions from Coverage

Subchapter Table of Contents
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HI 00620.001 General Exclusions
HI 00620.010 Services Not Reasonable and Necessary
HI 00620.020 No Obligation to Pay for or Provide Services
HI 00620.030 Items and Services Furnished or Paid for by Governmental Entities
HI 00620.040 Items and Services Furnished by a Federal Provider of Services or Federal Agency
HI 00620.050 Items and Services which a Provider, Physician or Supplier is Obligated to Furnish at Public Expense Pursuant to an Authorization Issued by a Federal Agency
HI 00620.060 Items or Services Which are Paid For by a Governmental Entity
HI 00620.070 Illustrations
HI 00620.080 Services Not Provided Within the United States
HI 00620.090 Services Resulting From War
HI 00620.100 Personal Comfort Items
HI 00620.110 Routine Services and Appliances
HI 00620.120 Supportive Devices for Feet
HI 00620.130 Custodial Care TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.140 Cosmetic Surgery TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.150 Charges Imposed by Immediate Relatives of the Patient or Members of His Household TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.160 Dental Services Exclusion TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.170 Workers' Compensation TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.171 Private Right of Action TN 12 10-89
HI 00620.175 Services Reimbursable Under Automobile, No-Fault, or Any Liability Insurance
HI 00620.177 Medicare as Secondary Payer for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Beneficiaries and for Employed Beneficiaries Age 65 or Over (Working Aged) and the Spouses Age 65 or Over of Employed Individuals of Any Age
HI 00620.178 Medicare as Secondary Payer for Disabled Individuals
HI 00620.180 Excluded Foot Care Services
HI 00620.190 Application of Foot Care Exclusion to Physicians' Services
HI 00620.200 Exclusion of Refractive Services


Act—Sec. 1862
Regs. No. 5—Secs. 405.310-405.320

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