HI 00630.170 Other Medicare Inquiries

General inquiries about enrollment, termination or reinstatement of medical insurance will be handled by CIS. Reports of nonreceipt or the loss of health insurance cards are to be handled by SCS except where the request is associated with the folder on the freeze. In these instances it should be handled by the operating component receiving the request.

PEG will handle all inquiries regarding SMI billing and its resultant problems. If action is necessary to resolve the problem PE will write a letter of explanation. If no action is necessary PE may send the inquiry to CIS for reply if they furnish the technical language necessary to properly answer the inquiry. If the reply is complex, PE should write the letter because of all the ramifications of the SOBER program relative to the payment of premiums.

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HI 00630.170 - Other Medicare Inquiries - 09/15/1989
Batch run: 09/15/1989