HI 00801.086 Preclusion Because of Crimes Against U.S

An individual is precluded from entitlement to deemed insured HI if he has been convicted of a crime against the U.S. referred to in section 202(u) of the Act (e.g., espionage, sabotage, treason, sedition, or subversive activities), prior to meeting the other requirements for entitlement. When information is received in central office that an individual has been convicted of one of these crimes a record will be established in OCRO's employee correspondence file. If an E/R request for such individual is subsequently received, the E/R, SS-5 or equivalent and correspondence file will be sent to OIP, Division of Entitlement, for examination. The office requesting the E/R will be notified that the E/R has been sent to BRSI.

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HI 00801.086 - Preclusion Because of Crimes Against U.S - 09/15/1989
Batch run: 09/15/1989