TN 19 (03-93)

HI 00805.190 Common Situations Involving Equitable Relief


  • Government error or delay, calling for equitable relief, usually arises in the cases discussed in HI 00805.195-HI 00805.230.

  • Other situations in which equitable relief may apply are cited in HI 00805.240.

    NOTE: That section should also help with necessary parallels between the various instructions and situations not specifically covered. Parallels need to be drawn so that proper decisions may be made in all types of cases without copious instructions.

  • Additional considerations for Premium-HI cases are explained in HI 00805.235.

Sections HI 00805.720 through HI 00805.731 describe specific cases and the actions taken where the Government errors that occurred were made by another agency of the Federal Government and not SSA/HCFA.

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