HI 00815.033 SSA/CMS Processing of PW Accretion

When buy-in coverage is established through the claims process (as a result of the PW entry or the SSA-1000-TC) buy-in is recorded in the MBR. No premiums are deducted from the RSI checks nor is the enrollee billed. The MBR system will transmit a buy-in accretion record to the CMS Third Party System.

The CMS Third Party System will orbit the PW accretion for 1 month before it establishes the buy-in master record. This is done so that if a State accretion or an automatic SSI accretion is pending, it will process in preference to the PW accretion. As soon as the Third Party Master record is established, the State is billed for the individual"s Part B premiums retroactive to the first month of State coverage.

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HI 00815.033 - SSA/CMS Processing of PW Accretion - 11/20/2001
Batch run: 11/20/2001