TN 9 (06-92)

HI 00820.050 Effective Date of Voluntary Termination


1. Effective Date

A request for termination filed after 6/30/87,is effective as of the end of the calendar month after the calendar month in which the request is filed.  See HI 00805.130 concerning postmarks and tolerances.

2. No Effect on Premium Grace Period

The grace period for payment of premiums is not extended or affected by a request for termination, cancellation of the termination request, or by reenrollment.

Premiums are due for months of entitlement after a request for termination of SMI. If the grace period expires before SMI coverage would end, and the enrollee fails to pay premiums, coverage ends with the close of the grace period.

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HI 00820.050 - Effective Date of Voluntary Termination - 06/12/1992
Batch run: 06/12/1992