HI 00825.065 Forms HCFA-1966, Health Insurance Card

CMS will search for a better address on the master tapes in central office and on the Form HCFA-40, if available, and remail many of the undeliverable health insurance cards returned by the Post Office. If a better address is located, a gummed address label will be placed over the old address stub of the card. Either a red check or a gummed label is an indication of a remailing attempt by CMS. If the health insurance card is still undeliverable, CMS will forward the material to the servicing FO/PC for development (See HI 00901.125).

If the beneficiary is deceased, or suspended for a better address, follow the instructions in HI 00901.125.

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HI 00825.065 - Forms HCFA-1966, Health Insurance Card - 05/13/2015
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