HI 00825.130 Disposition of Completed Correspondence

Dictated correspondence must be reviewed before being released to the mailroom. The review will insure the applicability, accuracy, and completeness of the information furnished, and adherence to established standards for correspondence as outlined in this subchapter. In addition, the review will verify the accuracy of the mechanics used in the preparation of the letter; i.e., the number of copies prepared, the adequacy of the address, the signature, etc. Thus, the review will cover the entire finished letter. Any corrections will be made by the dictator who prepared the letter and the letter will then be reviewed again.

The basic authority for determining the correctness of format, number of copies, proper assembly, and forms of address is the SSA Administrative Directives System.

A combination date stamp and correspondence disposition stamp is placed on any available blank space on all incoming correspondence. The person taking the final action on the material shall complete, date, and initial the item “Disposition      .” The disposition data must be sufficient to permit later reconstruction as to the action taken on the correspondence.

Completed and reviewed correspondence shall be stripped, the copies separated for mailing or distribution, and the incoming correspondence and the file copy of the reply filed on the right side of the claims folder. The original and any copies to be mailed will be sent to the mailroom for release.


Letters prepared for signature outside the PSC will be clipped inside the folder for referral to OCO for approval or clearance.

File copies of general inquiry letters for which there is no claims folder should be forwarded to General Files maintained in the Processing Division. Such material will be filed in alphabetical order by the name of the inquirer and retained for 1 year before destruction except that in the case of congressional correspondence, the material is retained for 5 years.

Transmittal forms which have lost their usefulness; i.e., after the information has been used in the reply, may be destroyed or removed from the folder.

The number of extra carbon copies required for letters prepared in the PSC will depend upon individual PSC practices and requirements. The basic requirements are:

  1. A. 

    letters to the public—original and claims folder copy; and

  2. B. 

    letters to Members of Congress—original, courtesy copy, claims folder copy, and copy for the Office of Public Inquiries if the congressional was referred by Central Office to the PSC.

    Sufficient space is allowed for insertion of other copies such as reading file copy, Director of Operations' copy, etc., that may be a basic requirement in your PSC.

    When form letters are sent, do not prepare a claims folder copy; document the folder by recording in it the number of the form letter sent.

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