TN 2 (02-91)

HI 00901.001 Health Insurance (HI) Record


1. Content

The HI master tape, established and maintained by CMS in Baltimore, contains records for every  Medicare beneficiary. Each record contains:

  • name,

  • claim number,

  • date of birth,

  • address,

  • date of entitlement to hospital insurance (Part A), and,

  • supplementary medical insurance (Part B) election and effective date.

2. Establishing the Records

The records are established with information generated automatically by the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR). Records are established as follows:

For... When...
New (initial claims case) all necessary claims processing actions are completed.
Beneficiaries already on the MBR beneficiaries have been entitled to disability benefits for 21 months or reach the 3rd month prior to their attainment of age 65.

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HI 00901.001 - Health Insurance (HI) Record - 11/23/2001
Batch run: 11/23/2001