TN 8 (11-22)

HI 00901.030 Certification of Part B Coverage for Civil Service Annuitants

A. Background

The Federal Government pays the cost of Medicare Part B premiums for civil service annuitants covered by the Retired Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) Program who are already enrolled under Part B. The provision applies only to annuitants who retired prior to July 1, 1960. Therefore, individuals covered under the FEHB Act of 1959, i.e., those who retired after June 30, 1960, are not covered under this law.

The contribution is added to the annuitant's civil service annuity check and includes an amount for the spouse of the annuitant provided the spouse is enrolled in Part B.

Annuitants have the option of accepting the contribution toward payment of either the Part B premium or private health benefit coverage. The contribution applies to only one program. The decision as to which program is the annuitant's.

B. Procedure: FO

Do not offer advice.

1. Annuitant Questions

Advise the annuitant to direct any questions to:


    Office of Personnel Management
    Bureau of Retirement Insurance
    Washington, D.C. 20415

NOTE: Local offices of the Office of Personnel Management deal primarily with personnel matters and are unable to provide this kind of information.

2. Annuitant requests for Part B certification

Civil service annuitants will request Part B coverage certification via Civil Service form RI 78-11 (formerly SF2814A).

Complete the form for the annuitant as follows:

Step Action


Complete the appropriate items on the form (including claim number of annuitant and spouse, if available, and coverage effective dates)

  • use microfiche and SSA-250, or, if necessary,

  • request Entitlement Status Query (ESQ), see SM 00706.005.

2 CR/SR - sign and date the form.
3 Return form to annuitant whose name and address is shown in Part 1.


  3. Exhibit: Form RI78-11 (formerly SF2814A)



4. Enrollment

Follow existing instructions for Part B enrollment applications for annuitants who want Part B coverage. The law does not affect eligibility or enrollment requirements.

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