HI 00910.020 How Requests are Received

Any method that is satisfactory to the entity, CMS in the RO and SSA, RO and the involved DO"s may be used. This includes telephone requests, locally deviced forms, copies of HI/SMI claims. Form CMS-1600 and CMS-1980.

A. Telephone Requests

These may be honored if the DO is assured that the person requesting the information is entitled to receive it. For example, the telephone number may be checked in the directory and the inquirer called back. Resolve doubtful cases by not disclosing the information over the telephone.

B. CMS-1600 and CMS-1980

There is no restriction on the use of these forms by carriers and intermediaries.

Do not supply physicians, suppliers, and providers with the CMS-1980. Physicians, suppliers, and providers should be given only limited supplies of the CMS-1600. Encourage them to obtain the claim numbers from the beneficiaries.

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