HI 00910.030 Receiving District Office Procedure

Examine the request to make certain that it contains, at least, the individual's name and address, and the basis for the request (i.e., code 52 or request for the claim number). If less information is given, return the request. Establish a control to insure that a timely reply is given the requester.

Examine the microfiche. If the record is identified, reply to the requester in accordance with local procedures. However, if the request is a code 52 reject and the information on the microfiche is identical with that on the request, send a HMQ (see SM 00706.005), and when the replies are received, follow HI 00910.050.

If the record is not located, and the receiving DO is not the resident DO, contact the resident DO by phone or ARS. Give the basis for the request (claim number code 52), and provide all the identifying information available, the name of the requester, and whether a HI or SMI request is involved.

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