TN 22 (11-01)

HI 01001.070 Quarterly and Monthly Premium Payments

Quarterly payment of premiums is standard for direct-billed beneficiaries. However, a beneficiary who is unwilling or unable to make quarterly payments for financial reasons will be permitted to make monthly payments, but should be made aware of the disadvantages of monthly payments, as explained in HI 01001.075.

The first notice of premiums due for the monthly payer will cover 1 month's premium or, if greater, the period from the first month of coverage through the end of the first month after the month of billing. (See HI 01001.080 if the enrollee changes from quarterly to monthly billing after coverage begins. For the due date and grace period, see HI 01001.095.)

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HI 01001.070 - Quarterly and Monthly Premium Payments - 11/07/2001
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