TN 49 (11-22)

HI 01001.130 JURIS Processing

The transfer of HI and SMI jurisdiction from SSA to RRB will be accomplished through a program called JURIS. The daily program was established to process notification from RRB to the master beneficiary record (MBR). Unlike most program applications, this program cannot be accessed by program service center input. All transactions will be the result of input from RRB.

There will be instances that involve the regular attainment process from SSA filed and an initial award process through RRB. If the enrollment from RRB reaches the Health Insurance Master (HIM) before the enrollment through SSA has matured, the case will be processed through JURIS to adjust SSA records.

A combined HCFA-L623A, Record Regarding Collection of Medicare Premiums, and HCFA-L623, Notice Regarding Collection of Medicare Premiums, will be produced for each processed case in all situations where it can be determined from the input from RRB and the information on the MBR that jurisdiction will be maintained by RRB. A 5 ×8 informational form will be produced for JURIS exceptions and for alerts wherein the transfer of jurisdiction has been accomplished but further processing may be necessary.

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