HI 01001.210 Deletions of State Buy-In Coverage

States may delete buy-in coverage for individuals who are no longer members of a specific coverage group, or have changed their residence to another State, etc. State deletions cannot be earlier than the second month before the month in which the State notified SSA of the deletion. For example, if a State reports in December a deletion effective September, the deletion date will be advanced during processing to October and the individual's first month of liability for premiums will be November. If the report had indicated October, November, or December as the effective month of deletion, the actual month reported would have been accepted.

An exception to the “2-month tolerance” rule is in the area of retroactive, simultaneous accretions/deletions (see HI 01001.215).

When SSA has the accretion/deletion responsibility due to the receipt of SSI payments, a State buy-in will be deleted by means of internal processing when an SSI nonpayment event is communicated to the MBR. If the State has the accretion/deletion responsibility and SSI eligibility ceases, the State is notified that the individual is no longer entitled to SSI and the buy-in remains in effect indefinitely or until such time as the State submits a deletion.

A special premium increase (penalty rate) applicable to individuals who delayed their enrollment will always be negated by a State buy-in because the buy-in is considered to be a timely initial enrollment. Therefore, when a State buy-in is deleted, the current base premium rate will always be applicable. The base rate will remain in effect indefinitely or until such time as the individual terminates the period of coverage and subsequently reenrolls. The subsequent period of coverage will again be subject to a special increase (if the State does not buy-in again) computed from the month after the month of the termination through the end of the general enrollment period in which the individual next enrolls or April 1-September 30, 1981, through the end of the month in which the individual next enrolled.

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