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HI 01130.010 Retroactive Premium Collections and Refunds

A. Policy for Medicare Part B IRMAA (IRMAA-B)

SSA will follow current Medicare Part B procedures for the collection and refund of IRMAA-B premiums. IRMAA is a part of the beneficiary’s Part B premium. Consequently, overage and arrearage procedures follow Part B premium policies.

B. Process



SSA determines retroactive Part B premiums need to be collected from the beneficiary

See HI 01001.020

SM 03045.300

HI 01001.335

SSA determines Part B premiums should be refunded to the beneficiary

See SM 00711.025

SM 03040.001

SM 03045.300

If a refund is due and the beneficiary has died

See HI 01001.325

C. Policy for Medicare prescription drug coverage IRMAA (IRMAA-D)

For information about how MADCAP withholds or refunds IRMAA-D arrearages or overages, see SM 00850.250C.6.

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