TN 6 (12-93)

NL 00601.050 Abatement Notices

A. Definition

An abatement notice is the disposal of an application without making a determination. (See GN 01010.475 on when and to whom we send a notice.)

B. Process

MCS will generate an abatement notice. No reconsideration paragraph is included.

  1. a. 

    Improper applicant - Disallowance code 67 will automatically generate a notice with paragraph MIS001

  2. b. 

    Claimant deceased - Request MISR07 (See NL 00725.005)

    • Disallowance code 68 - Claimant died on or before first month of entitlement and there is no entitlement to HI or SMI.

    • Disallowance code 96 - Claimant died in first month after the waiting period in disability case.

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