TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.110 MR02 - Special Processing Instructions

A. Introduction

Each M/TEXT model stands alone and cannot “see” the rest of the document. Therefore, UTI fill-ins that depend on the presence in the notice of other UTI's must be entered manually.

B. Procedure

If CAPS paragraph MR02 is present in a document, first check the document for the presence of the MM93 or MM94 paragraphs then cursor to the MR02 paragraph, place an “e” in the line edit margin and press ENTER. The following prompt will appear: “Enter one (A,B).” If either MM93 or MM94 are in the document, answer the prompt by entering a “B.” Otherwise, answer the prompt with an “A.”

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NL 00702.110 - MR02 - Special Processing Instructions - 05/03/1995
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