TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.125 Deleting Text Within Text

A. Introduction

There may be occasions when words or sentences must be removed from dictated text.

B. Procedure

1. Deleting words

If words have to be deleted from dictated text, press the delete key when the cursor is over the character to be deleted. Continue pressing the delete key until the undesired text has been deleted.

2. Deleting a block of text

To delete a block of text, split the line (see NL 00702.128) at the point were the deletion is to start and where it is to end. After splitting the lines, use the DELETE line command by entering ā€œDā€ in the line edit margin on the first line (including blank lines created by the split) to be deleted followed by the number of lines to be deleted (for example D14 to delete 14 lines) and press ENTER. Or, enter DD in the line edit margin on the first line to be deleted and the last line to be deleted and press ENTER.

When returning to the edit screen you will notice that the lines that were split still appear to be split. Using PF17, to view the document as it should appear when printed, will show that the lines have been word wrapped and are continuous text. This only works when no blank lines are involved. The lines must be reconnected using the JOIN command in the line edit margin.

3. Recapturing deleted text

If text is deleted by mistake, it can be recaptured, but only if the ENTER key or a PF key has not been pressed. If the ENTER key or a PF key has not been pressed, place the cursor at the position were the text should reappear, press and hold the ALT key and press the ErInp key. Release both keys and press the ENTER key which will restore the text.

NOTE: Text cannot be deleted from modeled UTI's.

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