TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.130 Page Breaks

A. Introduction

M/TEXT will automatically establish appropriate page breaks. However, the user may initiate a page break or override an established page break.

B. Procedure

To manually create a page break, first access the document edit screen. Type the control instruction .PAG (upper or lower case) in left margin at the desired point and press ENTER. Manual page breaks can only occur before or after a UTI. They cannot “break” text within a modeled UTI.

Since the line character field length for dictated text on the work screen is different then the text line length on the printed notice (screen print and hard copy), the text per line many not “match.” Therefore, the typist should not attempt a page break within a paragraph of dictated text. The text may not separate correctly on the printed notice. Page breaks can, however, be used before or after whole paragraphs of dictated text.

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