TN 30 (03-96)

NL 00703.463 Initial Award Suspension Notice — Claimant Does Not Have A Social Security Number -Representative Payee Involved

Document Identifier For Word Processor: E3463

A. Exhibit letter

We are writing to tell you that (1) for (2) benefits for $ (3) beginning (4) . However, we cannot pay you benefits for (5) at this time.


Why We Cannot Pay You

We cannot pay you benefits for (6) because you did not (7) . We can only pay (8) if
(9) a number . If you decide later to (10) , please contact any Social Security office.


Other Social Security Benefits

The benefits described in this letter are the only ones you can receive from Social Security. If you think that you might qualify for another kind of Social Security benefit in the future, you will have to file another application.


Your Responsibilities

Your benefits are based on the information you gave us. If this information changes, it could affect your benefits. For this reason, it is important that you report changes to us right away.

We have enclosed a pamphlet, “When You Get Social Security Retirement and Survivors Benefits... What You Need to Know.” It tells you what must be reported and how to report. Please be sure to read that part of the pamphlet which explains how work could change your payments.


If You Disagree With The Decision



If You Want Help With Your Appeal 1



If You Have Any Questions

3901C - Domestic

3901D - Foreign



1 If the beneficiary lives outside the U.S. or has an attorney, omit this paragraph.

B. Requesting instructions

  • Use this notice when an auxiliary claimant does not have a Social Security number and a representative payee is involved.

  • Include any other necessary paragraphs.

  • Refer to NL 00703.005E. for 3901C and 3901D text and fill-in. Refer to NL 00703.100 for 3100E text and to NL 00703.462 for 3462A text.



  1. (Claimant name) qualifies in the format “John Smith qualifies” or “Joan and John Smith each qualify.”

  2. Type of benefit, in the format, “child's”, “widow's,” “parent's,” etc.

  3. Monthly payment amount

  4. current date of entitlement, in the format. “July 1992”

(6)a.claimant's or child's name, in format John Smith
 b.the children
(7)a.give us her Social Security number
 b.give us his Social Security number
 c.give us their Social Security numbers
 d.give us enough information to assign her a Social Security number
 e.give us enough information to assign him a Social Security number
 f.give us enough information to assign each child a Social Security number
 g.file an application to get her a Social Security number