TN 19 (06-15)

NL 00705.359 Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Non-Responder

Document Identifier (AURORA): E4022

A. Exhibit letter


Earlier we told you that    (1)    disability claim was due for a review. We sent you a Form SSA-455 (Disability Update Report) to complete and return to us. We asked you to contact us if you had any questions about the form or difficulty in completing it.


Our records show that you have not returned the form or contacted us.



What You Need to Do



We are sending you another copy of the form. Please complete, sign, and date it. Send the completed form back to us in the enclosed envelope within 10 days.


CTDO or 3901D



Form SSA-455 (Disability Update Report).

Return Envelope

B. Requesting instructions



(1) your or beneficiary’s name (possessive)

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NL 00705.359 - Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Non-Responder - 06/01/2015
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