NL 00705.540 Prisoner Model Letter W—Felony and Non-Felony Related Impairments—DIB, CDB, DWB

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In determining if a person is disabled, we cannot consider any impairment connected with the commission of a felony after October 19, 1980, for which the person has been convicted. This includes an impairment that arose during the felony. It also includes the aggravation of an impairment if the aggravation occurred during the felony. Where the jurisdiction does not classify any crime as a felony, we apply these provisions to a crime which can be punished by death or by imprisonment for more than one year. Because of these provisions, our determination is based only on impairments which are not connected with the offense you committed.

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NL 00705.540 - Prisoner Model Letter <Quote>W</Quote>&mdash;Felony and Non-Felony Related Impairments&mdash;DIB, CDB, DWB - 09/17/1996
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