NL 00708.001 Introduction

This subchapter contains all approved numbered paragraphs for use in beneficiary notices. Because these paragraphs are not contained in any systems memory or print program, they must be requested by the adjudicator and manually typed. Selected paragraphs will be inserted in a notice when there is sufficient space and continuity is not disrupted. Otherwise, the paragraph may be added as a footnote or attachment.

The usage charts in NL 00708.005 and NL 00708.010 serve as guides for determining the appropriate paragraph(s) to be used in various situations or types of actions. The charts are subdivided into major categories as follows:

  1. A. 

    Claims Paragraphs

    1. 1. 


    2. 2. 

      Dependency Requirements

    3. 3. 


    4. 4. 

      Wages, Self-Employment, Military Service and Railroad Employment

    5. 5. 

      DIB Application Filed After Death of Number Holder

    6. 6. 

      Childhood Disability

    7. 7. 

      DIB-Not Disabled

    8. 8. 

      RIB/DIB (RIB or DIB)

    9. 9. 


    10. 10. 

      Lump-Sum Disallowances

  2. B. 

    Failure to Meet Earnings (or Prescribed Period) Requirement

  3. C. 

    Work and Earnings Deductions

  4. D. 


  5. E. 


  6. F. 


  7. G. 


  8. H. 


  9. I. 

    Appellate Process and Attorney Fees

  10. J. 


  11. K. 

    Extended Period of Eligibility

  12. L. 

    General Miscellaneous

  13. M. 

    Continuing Disability Review Cessations

The major categories for the reconsideration and hearings/appeals numbered paragraphs are as follows:

  1. A. 

    Introductory Paragraphs

  2. B. 

    Disability Requirements, Explanation of Disability Provisions

  3. C. 

    Disability Requirement, Explanation of Disability Provisions, Insert Guides

  4. D. 

    Earnings Requirement, Explanation of Earnings Provisions

  5. E. 

    Disability Requirement, Explanation of Disability Provisions, Cessation

  6. F. 

    Reconsideration and Hearing Standard Paragraphs

The case situation or type of action will usually determine which subsection of the charts to refer to for applicable paragraphs.

In the usage charts, the paragraph title and number of fill-ins are shown.

The paragraphs (language) along with fill-in information are displayed in numerical order in NL 00708.100. Paragraphs can be located by following the sequential numbers.

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