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NL 00711.305 Guide to the Use of Totalization Paragraphs

The paragraphs in this chapter are intended to be a guide for responding to inquiries about international Social Security agreements and the benefits payable under these agreements. Certain paragraphs in this guide, in addition to those located in NL 00711.310 and NL 00720.360, may be used on award or denial notices.

These paragraphs do not cover all situations. You should, when necessary, modify them and/or add your own paragraphs to meet the needs of individual situations.

CAUTION: In your letter to the public, you may use the term “totalization” when referring to international Social Security agreements, but you must be sure the reader understands the term. You should either explain it or enclose the SSA Publication which defines the term “totalization benefit.”

The following guide is arranged by subject and directs you to the paragraphs that can be used in given situations. Some paragraphs may be used in situations other than those mentioned.

  Paragraph Number

Opening Paragraphs

Reference to Totalization Application 17000
Reference to Totalization Inquiry — General 17001
Reference to Totalization Inquiry — Specific Country 17002
Inquiry Referred for Reply 17003
Third Party Inquiry 17004
Delay in Responding to Inquiry 17005

General Information About Totalization

General Explanation of International Social Security Agreements 17010
Effective Date of Agreements — General 17011
Effective Date of Negotiated, Unapproved Agreement — General 17012
Effective Date of Agreement in Force 17013
Specific Inquiry and/or Interest in Filing — Agreement Not Effective 17014
Keeping Informed for Effective Date of Negotiated, Unapproved Agreement 17015
Agreement Not Yet Negotiated 17016
Dual Coverage — Agreement Not Yet Negotiated/Effective 17017
Filing an Application — Agreement Not Yet Effective 17018
Referral to Other Country 17019
Referral of Inquiry to Other Country 17020
Referral to Pamphlet 17021
Claimant Questions A Foreign Country's Decision 17022

Coverage and Benefits

Combining Coverage Under More Than One Agreement 17030
Coverage Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits 17031
How the U.S. Combines Coverage Under the International Agreements 17032
How Totalization Benefits Are Computed 17033
How Totalization Benefits Are Paid 17034
Totalization Benefits Awarded 17035

Claims Leads and Filing Applications

Filing an Application — General 17040
Filing an Application When Inquirer Lives in Agreement Country 17041
Further Development Needed on Totalization Claim 17042
RSDI Awarded — Totalization Claim Pending 17043
Possible Claims Lead for Spouse — Life Claim 17044
Possible Claims Lead for Spouse — Survivor Claim 17045
Claims Lead — Claim Filed with Foreign Country 17046
Request for Consent 17047

Securing Foreign Earnings Records and Stalls

Notification That Only U.S. Earnings Have Been Used in the Decision 17050
Notification That the Foreign Earnings Record Will Be Requested 17051
Claimant Will Be Informed When Application is Sent to the Foreign Agency 17052
Decision Refers Only to U.S. Benefits Under Totalization 17053
Application is Also a Foreign Application 17054
Notification That the Foreign Earnings Record Has Been Requested 17055
Notification That Claims Package Sent 17056
Foreign Application Has Been Sent 17057A
Data From Foreign Application Has Been Sent 17057B
Earnings Record Requested — Specific Delay 17058
General Delay 17059
Notification That Regular U.S. Social Security Benefits Will Continue 17060
Foreign Government Will Notify the Claimant About Application for Foreign Benefits 17061
Referral of Claimant to the Foreign Agency for Status of Foreign Claim 17062


Denial — Less Than Six QC's 17070
Denial — Insured Status Still Not Met After Including Foreign Earnings 17071
Earnings Additional QC's 17072
Denial — Entitled to RSDI Benefit 17073
Denial Based on Application Filed with Foreign Country 17074
Denial — Unrestricted Totalization Application — Claimant Not Yet Retirement Age 17075
Denial of Regular U.S. Auxiliary Benefits on Totalization Notices 17076
Denial of U.S. Auxiliary Totalization Benefits 17077
Denial of U.S. Totalization Benefits — Failure to Meet Disability Requirements of the Law 17078
Denial of U.S. Totalization Because the Foreign Earnings Were Under Dual Coverage 17079
Denial of U.S. Totalization Benefits Because the Foreign Earnings Were Before 1937 17080
Denial of U.S. Totalization Benefits Because Foreign Earnings Were From Voluntary Coverage or Excused Periods 17081
Denial of U.S. Totalization Benefits Because the Foreign Country Was Unable to Locate Alleged Earnings 17082
Denial of U.S. Benefits for a Brother or Sister Filing Under an International Agreement 17083
Denial — Work in Foreign Country Not Covered 17084
Denial — Foreign Country Certifies No Earnings — Foreign Earnings Alleged Before 1937 17085


Foreign Coverage Cannot Be Used to Establish HI Entitlement — General 17090
HI/SMI Information for Spouse, Widow or Widower 17091
HI/SMI Information for Totalization Beneficiary Who is a U.S. Resident Under Age 65 17092
HI/SMI Denied — Totalization Beneficiary is Age 65 or Older or Has Been Entitled to Disability Benefits for a Continuous Period of at Least 24 Months 17093
Deemed Insured HI 17094

Close-Out and Recon

No Further Benefits Payable By the U.S 17100
No Further Benefits Payable By the U.S. Without the Inclusion of Foreign Earnings 17101
No Further Benefits Payable by the U.S. With the Exception of Totalization Benefits 17102
Reconsideration Paragraph Using Totalization's Address 17103

Closing Paragraphs

Referral to DO or FSP 17110
Finding the Address and Phone Number of DO 17111
Alpha Inquiry 17112
Referral to DO 17113

Alien Nonpayment

Alien Nonpayment 17120
Claimant is Using a Bank Address 17121

Paragraphs Specific to the Italian Agreement

Regular U.S. Social Security Benefits Will Continue — Italian Totalization Claim Pending 17130
General Explanation of the Choice of Benefits Under the International Agreement with Italy 17138
Election Notice — Italian Earnings Record Received — Lower Benefit Applies 17139A
Election — Choice of Lower U.S. Totalization Benefit 17139B
Election — Response if Lower Benefit Elected 17139C
Election — Totalization Benefit Lower But Earlier Month of Entitlement 17140
Election — Benefits from Italy 17141
Election — Effect of Guaranteed Minimum 17142
Completion of Election Form for U.S. Benefits 17143
Completion of Election Form for U.S. and Italian Benefits 17144
Completion of Election Form for Italian Benefits 17145

Paragraphs Specific to the German Agreement

German Inquiry — Claimant Already Entitled to German Benefits 17170
Forwarding Application for Retroactive Voluntary Contributions to the German Agency 17171
Referral to the German Agency Regarding Filing for Current Contributions 17172
Referral to the D/USA 3 17173
Claim Forwarded to BFA 17174
Claim Forwarded to LVA 17175

Paragraphs Specific to thE Agreement With Switzerland

Referring Swiss Nationals to Consular Office 17180
Completion of CH/USA 2.1, 2.2 and/or 2.3 17181
Follow-up Request for CH/USA 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 17182
Claim Forwarded to CSC 17183

Paragraphs Specific to the Canadian Agreement

Effective Date — Canada 17190

Sample Letters

1. Italian Election Notice — Obtaining Election for Italy

2. Italian Election Notice — U.S. Benefits Only

3. Response to Request for Agreement Information

4. Request for Consent

5. Claims Package Sent — Foreign Earnings Record Requested

6. Claims Package Sent — Foreign Earnings Record Not Requested

7. Denial — Claimant Entitled to RSDI Benefits

8. Denial Based on Application Filed with Agreement Country

9. Denial — Claimant Not Insured with Foreign Earnings

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