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NL 00713.005 ROAR Notice Review


The following procedures should be used for review of Remittance Reminder notices and ROAR notices containing blank addresses. Screen the notice as follows:

1. STEP 1

Obtain a ROAR/MBR query for the account. RECOOP only receives information or control of cases in which:

  • the beneficiary is in LAF status S1-S5 or S7, SH or T excluding T1 without a representative payee, any U, N, or X excluding X1 without a representative payee and adjustments of benefits to recover the overpayment is not available.

  • LAF T1 and S7 cases can be loaded to RECOOP if adjustment against other members of the household is available (e.g., a representative payee is involved).

  • BIC's of CX and G1 cannot be loaded to RECOOP.

2. STEP 2

Should RECOOP have jurisdiction of this record?

If YES, go to STEP 7.

If NO and a Remittance Reminder notice should be sent, go to STEP 3, otherwise go to STEP 8.

NOTE: The criteria for selection to RECOOP is LAF S1-S5, S7 non-prisoner, SH, any T, (excluding T1 without a representative payee), any U, N, or X, (excluding X1 without a representative payee) and T1 cases that have a domestic address and an overpayment balance greater than or equal to $1.00.

3. STEP 3

If any of the following conditions apply, use the process shown below:

  • Is adjustment available against another beneficiary in the household?

  • Is the overpaid person a representative payee for other entitled persons on the record?

  • Is the overpaid person in LAF AD or T-5 and entitled to benefits on another record?

  • Was a cross-benefit adjustment not moved back to the originally overpaid person?

If YES to any of these conditions, take appropriate action to move and notify and, if necessary, continue the recovery activity. STOP

If NO, go to STEP 4.

4. STEP 4

Was the notice generated because an action on another person resumed collection of an overpayment where we had previously terminated collection of the overpayment?

If YES, terminate collection and go to STEP 8.

If NO, go to STEP 5.

5. STEP 5

Is the payment name and address (PNA) data on the notice correct and valid?

If YES, release the notice to the mailroom. STOP

If NO, go to STEP 6.

6. STEP 6

Is the PNA data maintained on ROAR?

If YES, input a SMAD screen to update the PNA data on ROAR. Go to STEP 8.

If NO, refer to GN 02210.213 for instructions on how to locate a debtor who cannot be readily located by the usual telephone or mail procedure. Update the MBR with the correct PNA data or do direct input to POS. Go to STEP 8.

7. STEP 7

Input a DRIN screen and make the:

  • installment due date equal to the date on the Remittance Reminder notice or if the date on the form is more than 5 days in the past, then make the installment due date equal to the current date +20 days

  • installment amount equal to the balance due on the Remittance Reminder notice.

Go to STEP 8.

8. STEP 8

Discard the original ROAR notice.


Skiptracing, GN 02210.213

How RECOOP Works, MSOM DMS 011.001

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