TN 5 (06-05)

NL 00715.010 Operating System – The Automated Job Stream-1 (AJS-1) Notice

A. Description

The Automated Job Stream (AJS)-1 notice program generates notices as a result of daily transactions input into the AJS-1 system and the cyclical Automated Earnings Reappraisal Operations (AERO) runs. The AERO system is an automated program primarily used to increase monthly benefit amounts based on new entries in the beneficiary’s earnings record. This system can also compute different Master Beneficiary Amounts (MBA) for the beneficiary and affected family members based on Adjustment of the Reduction Factor (ARF) or Delayed Retirement Credit (DRC), reassessment of work deductions, and in situations involving benefit conversion due to death and DIB/RIB full retirement age (FRA).

B. Process

Automated notices are generated based on the four different types of transaction identifiers (TIDs) that are recognized by the AJS-1 program and AERO Redesign System.

The system annually performs the following functions:

  • Searches the Master Earnings File

  • Extracts data from the earnings record

  • Performs a recomputation

  • Updates the MBR

  • Produces a notice explaining the increase in benefits and other actions, if appropriate

  • Produces output indicating the need for manual intervention to complete the action and/or letter.

C. Description of Notice Print Requirements

The notices will be printed on 8½” ?? 11 cut sheets of paper. They will be multi-page notices formatted in accordance with SSA standards. These notices will now be formatted in “native” AFP and will continue to be printed in English only.

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