TN 5 (06-05)

NL 00715.020 Paragraph Selection - AERO

A. Description - AERO Actions

AERO actions are comprised of two basic groups.

  • Complex actions

  • Standard actions

1. Complex Actions

These are situations where an increase in benefits is processed with one or more of the following:

  1. a. 

    Month of entitlement change

  2. b. 

    Annual reduction factor (ARF) or delayed retirement credit (DRC)

  3. c. 

    Overpayment (some simple ones are processed as standard)

  4. d. 

    Foreign claim with alien taxation

  5. e. 

    Dual entitlement

2. Standard Actions

These involve an AERO increase only to one beneficiary and some simple overpayments.

B. Lists of Paragraphs

1. Complex Actions

  1. a. 

    “Group B” series (NL 00715.200) - Introductory paragraphs (RIN025-RIN041)

  2. b. 

    “Group B” series (NL 00715.200) Payment paragraphs (PAY127-PAY141) Description of actions such as:

    • Month of entitlement change

    • Payment

    • Nonpayment

  3. c. 

    “TAX” series (NL 00715.250) - Alien tax withholding paragraphs. (Note: These paragraphs can be used with Group A and Group B introductory and payment paragraphs.)

2. Standard Actions

  1. a. 

    “Group A” series (NL 00715.100) - Introductory paragraphs (BEN072 and RIN018-RIN024)

  2. b. 

    “Group A” series (NL 00715.100) - Payment paragraphs (PAY118-PAY125 and COL005)

3. Paragraphs Used With All Actions

“ALS” and “REF” series (NL 00715.400 through NL 00715.450)

  • Appeal paragraph

  • Referral paragraphs

4. DUAL Entitlement Cases

Guide language provided in NL 00715.500 explaining a decrease due to rounding.

5. Cases too Complex for Automated Notice

For notices that cannot be produced by the AJS-1 system, paragraphs from those listed in NL 00715.000.

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