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NL 00740.064 Installment - Call-In Letter


The "Call-In" notice generates for each RECOOP record where the debtor is at least 3 full installment payments past due. This notice requests that the debtor call the Debt Management Branch in the Program Service Center having jurisdiction of the claim.


The "Call-In" notice generates 30 days after either the "Installment - Past Due Payment" bill or the "Low Remittance - Past Due Payment" bill is sent if no payment has been received.


Social Security Administration

Call-In Notice

Important Information


                                                              Northeastern Program Service Center

                                                              Jamaica, NY 11432-3898


                                                              Claim Number: 123456789C1

                                                              Date: August 14, 1996


Susan A. Patrick

for Children

1234 5th Avenue

Huntington NY 10101

(Bar Code goes here)


We need to talk to you about an important Social Security matter. Will you please call us at 1-718-557-6600 TOLL FREE. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:15 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M. EST.


If you call us using a TDD machine, please pause after you type a few words. This will give us time to transfer your call to the TDD line.


                                                              Anne Jacobosky

                                                              Assistant Regional Commissioner

                                                              Processing Center Operations


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