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NL 00770.100 Description of the Tax Levy Notice System

The Tax Levy notice system is a fully automated system that utilizes information from the Tax Levy DB2 database as well as MBR data to provide notification to the beneficiary of any actions taken against benefit payments to pay the beneficiary’s obligation to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Notices are provided to both the beneficiary and IRS.

NOTE: The notices produced by the Tax Levy notice system provide only information relevant to the levy amounts being withheld from benefit payments. Actual ongoing payment amount information is provided to the beneficiary in notices produced by the Title II systems that withheld the Tax Levy from Title II benefits. In most instances the action is taken by T2 or MADCAP. However, language relevant to the payment and tax levy is present in all Title II systems that have the ability to change a beneficiary’s payment amount (i.e. ROAR, AJS-1, AJS-3, etc.).

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