TN 1 (07-03)

NL 01501.001 Standard Address Designations - Introduction

The following list of abbreviations should be used for any action that requires an annotation or change to address data to the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR). The listing contains two-letter state, territory, and foreign country abbreviations, common street and payee designation abbreviations, and city and postal name abbreviations that do not comply with the allotted positions in the address format.


All change of address input is limited to a maximum of 22 positions for each address line. This maximum position limitation does not apply to the ZIP code. Therefore, the Last Line of Address (LLOA) can be allotted as: 19 positions for city name, 1 blank space and 2 positions for State for a total of 22 positions. The blank space between street number and name or city and State count as one position and must be included in the total count. The entire address format allows for a total of 6 lines including the name legend. Therefore, any name and address in excess of 6 lines must be abbreviated to comply with this limit.

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