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NL 01510.001 Use of Consular and Geographic Codes

A. Introduction

This subchapter contains the consular and geographic codes assigned to foreign countries and Foreign Service Posts (FSPs) within those countries. These codes are used to route checks and other material to the correct country and FSP.

B. Policy

Every foreign address must contain a consular code and geographic code, except foreign APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) addresses.

See NL 01510.010 on processing APO and FPO addresses.

C. Procedure

Use the lists in NL 01510.100 to find the correct consular and geographic code.

D. Description of lists

1. Alphabetical list of foreign countries and places

All foreign independent countries and dependent places are listed alphabetically by their most familiar names. We have cross-referred countries and places that are known by two names because there was a recent name change. This list can be used to find the correct code for countries with one or multiple consular codes.

2. Numerical list of consular codes

All consular codes are listed in numerical order. The name of the FSP is shown in parenthesis, if the consular code is assigned to only one FSP in the country. No FSP is shown, if the code is assigned to more than one FSP in the country.

This list can be used to identify the country when you know the consular code.

3. Single and multi-post countries with one consular code

Selected countries are listed alphabetically. This list can be used as a quick reference for finding commonly used consular and geographic codes.

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