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NL 10630.110 Which Components Must Clear and Approve My Notice Language?

There are certain mandatory components that must review and clear any new or revised notice language.

Other components may also have an interest or concern with the new or revised notice language. Since the development and approval of new or revised language is a collaborative effort, you should share the notice clearance package with all pertinent agency components.

Send your notice clearance packages to the component control mailbox.

A. Mandatory components for notice clearance

The mandatory components and their control mailboxes are:

  • OGC - ^OGC OPL Controls

  • OPSOS - ^DCO OPSOS DPPO Controls (for staff level concurrence) or ||DCO OPSOS (for AC level concurrence)

  • Systems - ^OASSIS Controls or ^ORSIS Controls

  • Policy - ^OISP Controls or ^ODP Controls

  • Notice Improvement - ^OISP NIS Controls

B. Optional Components for notice clearance

Optional components you should consider include:

  • Office of Automation Support (OAS) – for notice language required by new technology.

  • Office of Communications (OCOMM) – for agency public information and public affairs issues, policy, and operations.

  • Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) – for appeals

  • Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) – for notice systems

  • Office of International Operations (OIO) – for any foreign policy or operational issues, including totalization agreement issues.

  • Office of Telephone Services (OTS) – for teleservice issues, policy, and operations, including appointment notices.

  • Enter for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – for Medicare and Medicaid issues, policy, and operations.

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