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VB 00201.080 Effectuating the Withdrawal

A. Introduction

Information on all withdrawal determinations (whether approved or disapproved) is to be posted to the individual case REMARKS on the San Francisco SVB Intranet site. Whether the effectuation of a withdrawal is reflected on the SSR is contingent on the data elements on the SSR when the withdrawal is to be effectuated.

SVB allowances (i.e., SVB is actually payable) must be reflected on the SSR in order for SVB payments to be to certified. Pending SVB claims (i.e., determination of entitlement has not yet been made) and disallowed SVB claims will not be reflected on the SSR. Therefore, withdrawal requests received prior to an SVB determination of entitlement cannot be processed through the SSI system since the data elements on the SSR will not pertain to the SVB claim being withdrawn.

B. Process

The systems payment status code for a withdrawn claim after determination of entitlement is N12. When an N12 action is processed, it is applied to the application date reflected on the SSR. Therefore, when effectuating a withdrawal through MSSICS, it is imperative that the SSR reflect the SVB application date that the N12 is being applied to. If the SSR reflects an application date other than the SVB application (e.g., a title XVI application), MSSICS processing of the withdrawal is precluded.

C. Procedure

Document a withdrawal determination as follows:

1. Claim in the FO or the CPS

No matter what form the withdrawal request takes, e.g. a letter, SSA-795, etc., annotate "Withdrawal" at the top of the document and annotate "Approved" or "Disapproved" at the bottom. Annotate the reason for disapproval, sign and date your determination at the bottom, and provide your position title. Be sure to post the withdrawal information to the individual case REMARKS section on the San Francisco SVB Intranet site.

NOTE: If the withdrawal can be processed through MSSICS, you may document your determination of approval or disapproval by using the Report of Contact (DROC) screen in addition to the paper record.

2. Hearing Filed

If the individual's claim is at the hearing level of appeal when the withdrawal is requested, notify the hearing office immediately; obtain any necessary documentation per VB 00201.070A.2.; and forward the request to the hearing office for the administrative law judge to decide.

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