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VB 00205.120 Title II Benefits as Other Benefit Income

A. Introduction

As noted in VB 00205.105B, title II monthly benefits are considered other benefit income.

B. Procedure -- Amount to use When Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) is Involved

If an SVB claimant/beneficiary is also a title II beneficiary and that title II PIA has been reduced under WEP (see GN 00605.360) due to receipt of a foreign (or domestic) pension, use the WEP PIA as the “other benefit income” amount to reduce the SVB. Do not use the regular PIA ; i.e., the PIA before reduction under WEP.

C. Procedure—Title II Benefit Payment Amount

The title II benefit amount includes amounts withheld to pay/repay obligations of the individual (e.g., SMI premiums, nonresident alien tax, amounts withheld to recover overpayments for months before entitlement to SVB, etc.). It is not just the amount the individual is actually paid each month.

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