TN 1 (04-01)

VB 00501.034 Accounting Form SSA-2001-F6

A. Introduction

A payee's responses on the accounting report are indicators of the payee's performance and may identify the need for recontact with, and reevaluation of, the payee.

B. Process

The CPS must resolve any omissions or unacceptable responses to the accounting questions. If the representative payee has custody of the beneficiary or is a public official appointed by the court or under local law, the questions can usually be resolved by mail or telephone contact. Generally, if the payee does not have custody or it appears fraud may be involved, the CPS will request the FSP or the servicing FO to obtain the necessary information in a personal contact with the payee.

NOTE: Where the payee is a court-appointed public trustee or guardian, a copy of his or her report about the beneficiary filed with the court is acceptable in lieu of the SSA-2001-F6 if it contains equivalent information.

The CPS must update the SVB record on the SSR to reflect any changes in representative payee information.

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