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VB 00501.040 Payee Listings on Intranet Site

A. Maintain lists of undesirable payees

The Intranet site will also be used to capture the information necessary to provide lists of undesirable payees as required by P.L. 106-169. Whenever an undesirable payee is identified by a foreign service post or any servicing office, the following information should be added to the Intranet site:

  • The name and SSN (if issued) or employer identification numbers (EIN) if available of any persons who while serving as representative payee misused benefits. Persons with a history of misuse are not prohibited from serving as payee but should be appointed only when no other suitable payee is available.

  • The name and SSN (if issued) or EIN if available of any person convicted of a violation of section 208, 811, or 1632 of the Social Security Act. Persons convicted under these statutes are prohibited from ever serving as payee.

B. Maintain list of agencies

P.L. 106-169 requires that a list be maintained of public agencies and community-based nonprofit social service agencies which are qualified to serve as representative payees. The foreign service posts should keep this list updated with names of agencies in their jurisdiction that are qualified payees.

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